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Reopening Corallo Restaurant

We are delight to announce that our Corallo Restaurant is officially reopen in 3rd July 2020 and excited to welcome specialty chef Pedro Carrillo to join as a kitchen consultant.

Pedro will bring his 23 years of working experiences within Accor Group across the world to bring a modern touch to Mediterranean cuisine and Spanish Tapas concept to create

the own tasty signature dishes of the island.

He said “I believe that Spanish tapas concept can be applied in all kind of dishes which permit us to mix flavors and products in small plates or bites, conceding the guest the liberty of different tastiness in just one meal. In my point of view, perseverance, professionalism, being well organized, creativity and willingness to learn are the top qualities required in our job” .

Please join us to welcome chef Pedro Carrillo and celebrate the comeback of our Corallo Restaurant for an excited chapter ahead!


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