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Located in Sunset Town, South Island, Phu Quoc, VUI-Fest Bazaar is the first seaside night market in Vietnam. Here, visitors can indulge in local and regional cuisine, immerse themselves in lively street performances, and admire the stunning sea views of South Island.

This is a unique creative night market where visitors can buy OCOP products as gifts and find handicrafts bearing the mark of  Vietnamese creators that few places have. In each booth is the enthusiasm and affection of Phu Quoc people who come from far away but have a special love for this island.

Explore the First Fruit Supermarket in Phu Quoc, located at VUIFEST NIGHT BAZAAR – a must-visit destination when travelling to this pearl island. Operating from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily, it offers a unique shopping experience with diverse products, from fresh and delicious fruits to high-quality agricultural products. Here, customers will enjoy the freshness from all regions of the country, honouring the essence of Vietnamese flavours.

Moreover, to make the shopping experience more enjoyable and enticing, various fun events are offered, such as lucky wheel spins and many other activities. Come and join us at VUIFEST NIGHT BAZAAR for an unforgettable time.


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